TRON Foundation Increases Bug Bounty Reward to $10M for Critical Bugs

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A lot of exciting developments are taking place within the TRON ecosystem. Ever since the team announced the launch of the mainnet, there has been an increased focus on bug bounty hunting. The TRON Foundation’s bug bounty program recently increased its reward to as much as $10 million. It’s a big step in the right direction for this altcoin.

TRON Takes Security Seriously

In the world of cryptocurrency, a lot of bugs are commonly discovered after a project has launched. In virtually all cases, those bugs are discovered by criminals who exploit the weaknesses to their own benefit. With this in mind, it is only natural that new bug bounty programs are taking center stage in the cryptocurrency industry. So far, only a few projects have actually taken the necessary steps in this regard.

TRON is a relatively new altcoin. Even so, its developers know all too well how important security measures are. There is no reason to take any of these issues lightly, as the last thing the TRON Foundation wants to see is a major disruption of its to-be-launched mainnet. The bug bounty program maintained by the TRON Foundation is getting a lot of attention for this reason.

With the bug bounty reward having been increased to $10 million, a very important step has been taken toward securing this cryptocurrency’s future. The rewards will still be aimed at eliminating any technical issues which may arise prior to the launch of the TRON mainnet on June 25. This doesn’t mean all bugs need to be identified prior to that date, but the team is hopeful that most major issues can be resolved by then.

The TRON Foundation’s Justin Sun commented:

We take the security of our platform very seriously. We are looking for developers who specialize in global network security to help make TRON MainNet one of the most secure public blockchains in the industry and provide a stable infrastructure for future DApps to be deployed on the MainNet.

This bug bounty reward cap increase should not be underestimated by any means. TRON’s testing of its mainnet began on May 31 with bug bounty rewards of up to $100,000. Increasing that amount by a factor of 100 is a pretty big deal, especially in the world of cryptocurrency. With TRX migrating to a fully independent blockchain, having all their ducks in a row is of the utmost importance to the developers.

One can only hope that no severe issues are discovered affecting TRON. Even so, any validated issues and their associated fixes can net bug bounty participants up to $10 million per discovery. No technology is safe from harm, regardless of how thoroughly it has been vetted internally. A fresh set of eyes on existing code can make a big difference in this regard.