The Mass-Shilling Campaign: What are the Top 50 Marketcap Coins in 5 words or less

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I’ve seen a surge in posts on /new lately asking for a rundown of the top 100 coins. If you have a better description for any of these, PLEASE comment below and I’ll add it in (don’t just call me stupid!). Here goes:


  • Bitcoin: First Uncensorable Internet Payments
  • Ethereum: “I pay you if”
  • Ripple: Instant No-chargeback Transactions
  • Bitcoin Cash: Forkable Bitcoin
  • EOS: Industrial-Scale Ethereum
  • Litecoin: Original Bitcoin Clone
  • Cardano: Verify Accountability of People/etc
  • Stellar: More Decentralized Ripple-Fork
  • IOTA: Largest DAG (non-blockchain crypto)
  • TRON: Entertainment sharing platform
  • NEO: Ethereum Competitor
  • Tether: Stable 1:1 USD Crypto
  • Monero: Privacy For Everyone.
  • Dash: Masternode based Privacy
  • NEM: Hosts other Cryptocurrency ledgers
  • VeChain: Helps Real Companies with Blockchain
  • Binance Coin: Reduces Binance Fees (Popular Exchange)
  • Ethereum Classic: Ethereum That Refuses Chargebacks
  • Bytecoin: Original Monero, Founders of Cryptonote
  • Qtum: Simple Ethereum for Businesses
  • OmiseGO: Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • ICON: Let Separate Blockchains Interact
  • Zcash: Zero-Knowledge Privacy (mathematically unbreakable)
  • Lisk: Develop your own Blockchain
  • Ontology: Scaling Ethereum and Blockchain altoghether
  • Zilliqa: Massively Scalable Blockchain
  • Bitcoin Gold: Forever GPU Mineable PoS Cryptocurrency
  • Aeternity: Ethereum with Real-World Data
  • 0x: Allows building of decentralized exchanges
  • Decred: 2nd Layer Blockchain Development
  • Bytom: Connecting Physical “Things” to Blockchain
  • Steem: Rewards Content Creators for Quality
  • Verge: Broadcast Transactions without your IP
  • Nano: Instant, free, decentralized transactions
  • Siacoin: Decentralized File Hosting
  • BitShares: Regulation Fighting Decentralized Exchange
  • Golem: Decentralized Computer Power
  • RChain: Solving Blockchain Speed & Scalability
  • Wanchain: Decentralized Banking
  • Bitcoin Private: Zcash technology without Premine
  • Maker: Creates Decentralized, 1:1 USD “DAI” Token
  • Populous: Anonymous Data Sharing
  • Stratis: Ethereum For Classic Programmers
  • Bitcoin Diamond: Faster, Cheaper Bitcoin
  • Augur: Decentralized Prediction Market
  • Waves: Enables Launching of Cryptocurrencies
  • Dogecoin: Classic Meme Coin - Familiarity Advantage
  • IOST: Platform to Exchange Digital Products
  • Status: Decentralized Messenger and Browser
  • WaltonChain: Tracks things like Diamonds IRL


Editors note: I do not endorse ANY of these coins. Some of them are scams but I tried to keep this unbiased. ALWAYS look for the critique on every coin. If I find the time, I will create a Mass-FUD Campaign, outlying the major flaws in each top 50 coin.

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