World’s First HTML5 Blockchain Ecosystem

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The online gaming industry is worth more than US$1 billion, and appears to be a likely candidate as one of the first industries to be meaningfully penetrated by blockchain technology. As such, there are a number of cryptocurrency projects and blockchain developments competing to be the first to see real adoption from the general gaming population. Egretia, an existing powerhouse in the gaming sphere, is poised to become that first pioneer with their unique blockchain HTML5 cross-platform approach.

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Egretia currently stands as the first complete workflow for HTML5 development. It’s 14 products encapsulated in the workflow are utilized by over 200,000 worldwide, whose content has been digested on more than one billion devices across the globe. In China, 75% of all HTML5 content is powered by Egretia.

Blockchain-HTML5 Synergy

The implications of a combination between blockchain and HTML5 are massive. HTML5 applications see large use do to the ease in which they can be enjoyed. Users do not need to install any HTML5 client or application. Instead, they can enjoy a seamless “click-and-go” experience that has allowed HTML5 developments to see massive adoption and virality across social media platforms.

Where blockchain gaming currently falters is its inability to attract large audiences. In an easy-to-use HTML5 approach, where gamers can connect with their friends and others through a simple link, the barrier to entry is eradicated.

HTML5 games also stand to benefit from a blockchain based approach. HTML5 games are currently inhibited by potential unfairness. The blockchain integration insures provable and unwavering fairness. HTML5 gamers are also empowered by a global blockchain, that connects their virtual assets, currencies, and progressions in a worldwide gaming ecosystem.

A Winning Approach

Egretia stands apart from competing blockchain gaming solutions in its existing role as an industry leader. Four years of background behind a top quality product adopted by hundreds of thousands suggests that Egretia is a powerhouse fully equipped for massive adoption. Blockchain integration into the HTML5 workflow means that those 200,000 developers and one billion plus devices will be immediately exposed to the blockchain.

Applications built with Egretia include viral Facebook games. Egretia is creating a future where blockchain games will be broadcast to the largest social network in the world. With close to 2 billion monthly visitors, the exposure made possible through blockchain integration into the Egretia workspace is unrivaled by anything currently seen by competing game coins as well as other cryptocurrency initiatives in general.

Beyond the massive audience, Egretia is providing developers with a toolkit that goes far beyond what other blockchain development platforms have to offer. On top of the core HTML5 blockchain engine, the workspace will include all of the following: virtual marketplace, universal gaming platform, advertising platform, data storage and communication, and the Egretia incubator.

Each of these components provide valuable resources for developers and gamers. The global  marketplace allows for real ownership, transfer, and trade of the virtual currencies and assets accumulated by players. The gaming platform provides a comprehensive destination for gamers to connect with every blockchain game built with Egretia. The advertising platform is a smart solution for connecting advertisers with the most efficient use of media and video. The data communication and storage will allow gamers to file KYC once, and maintain accessibility to communicate their KYC with all relevant parties on the platform in the immediate and distant future. Lastly, the Egretia incubator connects game developers with a comprehensive support system to allow outstanding qualified content to see as much success and exposure as possible.

Given each factor attached to the upcoming Egretia blockchain, it’s clear that this approach to blockchain gaming is both unique from its competitors and fully equipped to handle massive adoption and exposure worldwide.