World of Ether Excitement Dwindles as Developers Delay

World of Ether has the potential to become the biggest crypto collectable game in history, but excitement about the groundbreaking game has slowed to a cool simmer.  The Developers seem to be exhibiting the classic developer’s dilemma.. waiting until something is flawless or waiting for perfection and missing the opportune timing to hit the market.

Excitement in the gaming community was at an all-time high as World of Ether was crowned the “next big thing,” This was the DApp to be King of Ethereum games, making Crypto Kitty sales look like pocket change.. and it still could be, but the mania has died down and interest is dwindling.

This could change overnight, but with sparse updates and no real release dates gamers that would have been all in have found other, more reliable options. In our opinion, they missed the opportune time to release the game.

Will World Of Ether Come out of The Woodwork With an Incredible Game, or did they miss the boat and lost your interest? Let us know in the comments.

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Why Does It Have The Potential To Be A “Monstrous” Success?

Because it’s fu*#ing awesome.

It looks great, it’s a phenomenal idea, and could be slightly addicting

In it, “explorers” battle, breed, and collect monsters. Explorers can earn ETH by selling and siring monsters. Explorers can level up, gain experience from battling, and get permanent credit for discovering a new monster.Store, sell and breed your valuable Etherians on the Ethereum blockchain where they are held safe and securely.

Use ETH to buy eggs and discover hundreds of new monsters.Breed your way to a legendary monster, or buy an egg and test your luck. World of Ether is filled with many Etherians waiting to be discovered.

Be the first to discover a new species and get rewarded.


In World of Ether, users can battle, breed, and sell a variety of monsters, creating a rich world to interact with.

Collect | Breed | Train | Fight | Trade

Enter the Wonderful and Interactive World of Blockchain Monsters

What is World of Ether?

World of Ether is a decentralized collectible dueling game that lives inside of a browser on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The game is centered around the collection, breeding, and fighting of monsters. Each monster is stored inside of a contract and referenced by our platform.

Monsters are broken into 4 grades of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary . These monsters fall into 5 types:


In order to keep the game decentralized it is of utmost importance that the author of the game cannot flood the market with extra monsters, harming the marketplace. However, because the game may need more monsters in the future, there is a very minimal chance that upon breeding, a new species can come into existence. This species would then be added to the list of possible monsters.

Because of this feature, there will eventually be well over 200 monsters. Our servers will hold the artwork for these new monsters, but the battle points, type, and rarity of the new monster will be generated at random through our algorithm, so as to maintain decentralization for the platform.

What can players do with their monsters?

Monsters can be bred to create more monsters, battled to increase the player’s level which unlocks the ability to breed rarer and more powerful monsters, sired (if male) for ETH, and sold on the marketplace for ETH.

What’s the advantage of buying eggs in the egg pre-sale?

Eggs increase in price by 15% upon launch of the full game in order to increase reliance on the monster marketplace. The egg presale buyers will be hatching and breeding the first monsters on the marketplace, which new players are incentivized to purchase by there being a very high egg price. Presale eggs have other advantages as well. Monsters that hatch from these eggs have no cooldown period for the first breed (subsequent breeds, however, do have a cooldown period) and presale eggs are also more likely to hatch rarer and stronger monsters.

How much can monsters be sold for?

The price of monsters is entirely set by the market and the players on it. Players set the price of the monsters they sell.

How much can monsters be sired for?

A player can sire a monster for whatever price the player likes, as long as another player is willing to pay that price.


All monsters by default will be undiscovered. As users discover them they will forever be credited for the discovery.

What does it mean to discover a monster?

The player that discovers a monster has his/her username recorded next to that monster for all to see. That player is forever credited as being the monster’s discoverer.

Obtaining monsters

To collect monsters, obtain eggs by breeding, purchasing from the marketplace, or the Egg Pre-Sale. Eggs take a short time to hatch.


Go head-to-head with other players to gain EXP.

Increase your odds

Experience is gained from battles. Players gain levels to the max of 50. As the level increases, the player’s chance of breeding rare monsters improves.


Buy and sell monsters through the WoE Marketplace

Trading Monsters

There is no direct trading in WoE. The only way to sell monsters, or to obtain other players’ monsters, is to use the marketplace. Eggs will continue to be available for sale from our platform, but prices increase with every egg bought to encourage a thriving market. The marketplace will be available on launch.

What are the advantages to being decentralized across the Ethereum network?

With decentralization and Ethereum smart contracts, the game’s developers cannot manipulate:
● Marketplace prices;
● Siring prices;
● Monsters that are on the marketplace or available for sire;
● Monster ownership;
● Monster discovery;
● Battle results;
● Individual player levels;
● Monster statistics; and
● Any game mechanic’s code, after release of the full game.

Are any eggs reserved for promotional purposes?

5,000 eggs will be reserved on a 1 year vesting schedule for promotional purposes.

When will World of Ether be released?

(Details on the World
of Ether Medium


You will need to install Metamask, transfer ETH to Your wallet, and then Purchase Your Eggs

There are more in depth instructions on the Main WoE Website if You should need further guidance on purchasing Your first Monster Egg ?

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